Entertaining to tame the ADHD tendencies


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Finished one post just a few minutes ago and had my breakfast for protein needed to deal with ADHD, now on with publications to help people understand each others differences so that they can be accepted and utilized, instead of resisted and condemned.

Everyone seeks the pleasure the brain provides by administration doses of dopamine. Some get stimulation by adventure and this could include taking risks. Some get stimulation by confrontations, debates, arguments and even physical combat. Others get stimulation with relaxation, calm surroundings, a very orderly dwelling and automobile, Etc.

Place an adventure loving type in a boring structured atmosphere and watch out! That is like feeding a race horse a bunch of oats and locking him in a stall… That is precisely the way I feel now, at age 66 with my health improving and being a watchman for an isolated and inactive retreat.

In studying ADHD and PTSD as well as the anxiety that often accompanies those conditions I am really considering chemical drugs from the VA hospital to subdue my energy but won’t go that route! Intense physical exercise is the only viable option I can think of. This helps to share my frustrations but sitting at a computer, or any office type work, has always made me anxious.

Anybody in the Seattle/Tacoma area want to contract with me for home remodeling or any type of heavy construction equipment operation? No “wages” – I want a fixed price to earn or a cut of the profits because I like to get paid for my production, not sell my time. I had my fill of the other employees with a company dragging down the profits and my wages at the same time. Better option – I am a great coach for any sales organization – well, not any – they must provide excellent customer benefits. Any reputable business need a very effective production supervisor – business success coach?

Sadly businesses usually hire employees who are easily trained as puppets and who are experts at writing resumes – or hire experts to write them. The best producers are usually not hired, or soon dismissed, because they won’t fit into the box the employer has envisioned.

It seems that the only viable option is for me to save up some moving money and go to Seattle and start my own business. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be looking to hire people who want to work for a cut of the profits and who are not at all orthodox in their behaviors.

I love to earn money while having fun! I am going to hook up with a couple people who are good at scheduling and keeping the books – secretary types – and 4 or 5 ADHD spirited type creative thinkers and I can help us all in many ways. Imagine having so much fun at parks and on beaches – attracting an audience and supplying them with products to help them have fun and/or improve their health…. Notice I didn’t mention selling at all – if done right people can earn a fortune being a supplier – just filling orders coming in from people anxious to purchase! Taking their orders and supplying the products is where the secretary types come in.

We could also use some camera people to shoot videos that the secretary types will post on the Internet for additional income sources. 3 or 4 video cameras running to film any action is always a great attraction activity. “Want to be in our promotion video?” “Go sign the release form with our secretary, then come see me.” I can have participants lining up to be in the production at no cost whatsoever! In fact, the majority of them will become customers… (Of course we will give them a discount for their participation.)

I will do what I can to attract participants on the Internet before I get to Seattle in a few months from now, but whatever, I will get participants when I get there if this fails to attract them. What my former neighbor said about me is very true – (I am just too stupid to realize that I can’t do what I do.)  For example – after moving to the country from the city a few years ago, and barely getting over my fear of horses 6 months or so before – I managed to have my own guided trail riding business and became the secretary treasurer for a newly formed branch of a national horseman organization – breaking a sign-up record for the most members to join the club on the first meeting in their history. I was also teaching natural horsemanship and training wild horses for a substantial fee. I lost all of that in a divorce – seems that my insecure wife didn’t like the attention I was getting. If you can imagine – all of my riding students were female… Live and learn…

You may want to connect with me on my FB community page – at the FB link with /trustgold on the end. Loads of complementary sources for marketing ideas, PTSD links and other enlightening info there. I don’t put some of those links on here because this site doesn’t like that.  Just posted one there for complementary e*book that if you are at all interested in working from home you will love.


ADHD, PTSD, AD – how to harness the powers


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At the ripe age of 66, even though I am getting healthier, I have outlived my expectations already so as I see it I already won. I also outlived the intentions of a past vindictive wife so I have a double win! Take into account that she passed on several years ago and I am receiving benefits from her Social Security so that makes it a “triple play”… I don’t celebrate her passing but I surely celebrate the extra income!

For a couple years I also celebrated my receiving housing and utilities in exchange for guarding an inactive retreat that is many miles from civilization. However two years of isolation from society has become quite boring for me. It was beneficial while I was involved in intense study to gain my certifications in hypnosis, NLP, Life coaching, and business success coaching, but having gained those certifications now I feel inclined to get back into civilization where I can put them to good use.

I could easily sit back for the remainder of my life and have enough income to live fairly comfortably. However, being isolated from society is no longer very comfortable. Without the excitement of challenges, life becomes boring for me. As I am learning to better understand ADHD, boredom only compounds the anxiety already existent with a hyperactive mind.

Yes, in my boredom I chose further study and chose to study attention deficit hyperactive disorder. In my study I came to the realization that I have 90%, or better, of all indications of ADHD. Finally, as a senior citizen, I understand why I had such trouble conforming to society throughout my life.

For many people, fear stops them in their tracks. They see it as an alarm going off to warn them they should not move forward. But I often view fear as the opposite. I view it as a beacon directing me toward excitement – precisely what I desire to stimulate my senses.

I have come to learn that those who have ADHD are often prone to seek challenges in order to stimulate the brain into administering a dose of dopamine. As a firm believer that the universe conspires to guide us to serve our life purpose, I can easily imagine that my life purpose may well be to help others who are challenged by the condition labeled ADHD. Whether it is fate, destiny, or coincidence, my interests, studies and learned talents serve such a purpose. And so it is!

Knowing that my ADHD tendencies can easily influence me to take on more projects than I can possibly execute successfully, I have chosen to abandon, at least temporarily, several activities that I was engaged in. Attempting to do more things than I am capable of lends to possible failures, which contributes to trauma, rather than to my intended pleasures derived from accomplishment. This is why many who have symptoms of ADHD are also subject to PTSD complications. PTSD being Post traumatic stress disorder.

ADHD and the perfectionist – a perfect combination for failure leading to PTSD and – what is that word for stress – anxiety disorder… AD I think they call it. I am often condemned for n “never finishing anything”, which is false for the most part. I do finish some things but I start so many that it looks as though I never finish. But then due to wanting perfection – to avoid criticism and further PTST and AD – I likely do fail to finish projects and get them out for public scrutiny. There it is again! Is that the correct way to express the former thought? Is it proper sentence structure? Maybe some judgmental english guru will criticize – so let them entertain themselves – I am going to express myself the best way I can so that we can learn how get a handle on ADHD, PTSD, AD, and dyslexia, etc.

I just remembered I can dictate and don’t have to type. That will simplify this and simplification is a key to harnessing the powers that come with ADHD and these other anomalies. Maybe I should say abnormalities. So in an effort to avoid scrutiny I refer to the dictionary to be sure of the proper usage. Yes that proves to be correct usage of the word anomaly.

Now what was I thinking before I was distracted by the possibility of misuse of a word? Simplification and perfectionism. I need to learn how to focus and complete a task, or at least complete steps toward the completion of the task. I tend to want to get to the end of the task bringing it to total completion. That causes me to think past the steps and omit the steps. Since I thought of the steps in my mind it seems that I expect others to just get it!

We can’t expect others to know what we know and it is very frustrating to someone with ADHD to have to go back and teach the fundamentals that we feel others should have learned already. I suffered with this in my first year in structured schooling. My curiosity, my need to know, cause my mother to submit to my demands and teach me how to read at least one year before I started school.

Oh my – now the dictation quit working and I have to restart my computer – not good for someone with ADHD but I will concentrate and get back to this when I get the computer restarted. Save this and remember where I put it…

Project done. And I managed to get by the distractions when closing programs and noticing some things that I have not gotten to yet. I will complete this project then move on to the next one after I get this posted. In fact, I’m going to post this as a work in progress.

Hopefully I have a place for people to comment so that they can contact me and we can create a study group that will help us harness the power’s of those diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD, AD and LMNOP – just a little joke to lighten up the subject.

Okay finish this step and post it then move on… imperfections and all at least this step will be complete! See? I am finishing a step – success!

Hint – don’t strive to get it perfect but just get it done!

P.S. I discontinued my Facebook page do to the unnecessary distractions – until I gain helpers to help me keep things in order. That leaves my mind at a loss since I now want to post this to Facebook – but they never showed appreciation anyway so I just go with it this way.

P.S.S. I reestablished my Facebook page – to heck with needing approval – I am going to express my views for those who might benefit despite the objections that may surface! Find my page at the Facebook url with /trustgod after it. Like the page and comment with your contact info if interested. No – I don’t want to join Empower Network so give up already! I have my standards and they don’t allow me to promote such a merry-go-round…


Outgrowing the Insanities – Enough is Enough!


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Ask And It Is Given 

Blessing or Lesson?

Today’s FaceBook entry;

“Living “out in the sticks” is really starting to cramp my style! Having no neighbors, no wife, no family, is great for a while, but for a life that way it eventually sucks big time!

Good example of how the Universe works at times – its like, “Okay – but you aren’t going to like it…”

Lesson learned – back into society with its negatives because it also has positives, which I have surely learned now. Moving again soon – get ready subconscious mind – we are going to put you through the paces once again!”

Life Lessons

Has it been two years, or three? Does time take on a new meaning – or does it loose meaning – when there is no reason to get out of bed and the only reason to go to bed is because I can’t hold my eyes open any longer – or life is just too boring to stay wake?

I remember cursing the neighbors with their drunken parties and the cars pulling up below my apartment sounding their horn to get their drugs from the drug dealer living below me. I wished strongly for a calm place to live so that I could concentrate on my studies.

Then the distractions from my female companion – wanting me to go with her walking the dog, which was not my bag to walk around an apartment complex waiting for a dog to present me with a gift that needed to be put in the dumpster.

But that was the reality I had accepted, or created, then – and this is my reality now, with nearly no distractions. The above photo is from my mailbox, nearly 5 miles down the road from where I now live (reside to survive is more like it). When the mail carrier doesn’t get within 5 miles of your home – you are really “out in the sticks”!

Time For A Change

Eventually, if one is paying attention to cause and effect, a light may come on and one might proclaim, “Hey – all I have to do is change my thoughts and behaviors and I can exchange this present reality for what I really want!”

That light came on for me after I had increased my study and practice of hypnosis, NLP an some other success oriented procedures, gaining top certifications in many. Now well equipped to help others succeed in life, it makes little sense for me to live in an isolated environment far from society.

Too Big For My Britches!

No I didn’t get fat – that is a metaphor referring to the fact that I have outgrown my environment. I have became overly-qualified for the position I was serving. As far as my weight, my health has increased and my weight decreased as I learned the techniques I have been intently studying, which involve the power of the mind and its influence on the physical world.

People have often exclaimed in my past, that I could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. That may well be true but I can’t sell canteens and filtered water to coyotes! Nor can I convince them through hypnosis that they can be friends with the jackrabbits or improve their public speaking talents to improve their business.

As I once heard the advice that surely applies in my situation – “Don’t change your act – change your audience.” Therefore this act is pulling up stakes and moving to play for a more receptive audience.

Thoughts Create

Thoughts certainly do cause creation, but we must give time for gestation into physical form. As much as I would like to move into a new home in a new place within the next hour, that is not probable. Therefore I have set my goals and adopted a procedure to reach those goals. Setting an intention to change is one thing we can do in tho very moment we choose to. This actually sets the wheels into motion toward our goals – and so it is… And so it shall be that I achieve my goals.

I Remember When…

It won’t be all that long from now that I will be telling the story of my past – living “out in the sticks” with nearly 5 miles to travel to get to my mailbox. In the not too distant future I will be pulling a trailer loaded with my possessions and I will stop at that mailbox for the last time and snap a picture of it just to show where I have come from.

Find my F B site at their u r l /trustgold and follow for more. – especially if you want to know natural alternatives to deal with ADHD, Bi-polar, depression, anxiety, proper nutrition, detoxification, benefits natural vitamins and minerals in treating physical and mental disorders, and much more.

Here is a link about vitamins and minerals related to ADHD and other mental disorders.


Devoted to helping people live better mentally, physically and spiritually.


Support One Another’s Contributions to Benefit The Whole


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Way too much competition when cooperation would be beneficial to all concerned. My goal is to educate humanity in the art of realizing a prosperous life. To that end, today I offer some great insights offered by another – complete with links that he requires. He made the effort to compile this information very well and he certainly deserves the credit. More sharing by myself at –

More great and informative content here.

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Attract More Clients with Your Website – Part 1: Create a Client-Engaging Headline

Your website is the window through which the world has a chance to take a glimpse at your services or products. But… is your website set up in a way that provides your site visitors with a “glimpse” that will entice them to stick around and want to learn more about your offer?

Research shows that most of your site visitors will decide within the first 2 seconds whether it’s worth their time to explore further your site or to navigate away and keep looking.

Is your website set up to Invite Prospective Clients to Engage with You…?

In this series of articles we’ll explore the Most Important Elements of a Powerful Client-Attracting Website…

Here are your 1st few tips that will help you create a website that will consistently help you Generate Leads & Attract Paying Clients…

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools that will lend you credibility & trust, and support you in attracting a flood of leads and help you get more clients… that is, if you have the right info on your site and you have that info set up in a way that it keeps the website visitor engaged.

The million dollar question is: Is your website simply a cool (or not even so cool) online brochure or does it serve its real purpose and it is a powerful client-attraction tool?

To get the answer to the above question, I have a simple test for you:

Do you get at least 50 leads (ideally 100+) and at least ONE new client every month through your website? Of course, depending on your niche, these numbers could widely vary for you…

People get to your website in different ways – search engine results, they got your business card, you mention a blog post or article in a discussion forum, FaceBook or Google ads, or any dozens of other ways… The question boils down, though, to this basic question: Does your website generate you multiple leads on a daily basis & supports you in attracting paying clients?

If you answered NO, then read on

Let’s start with the difference between an “Online Brochure” -type website and a Lead-Generating & Client-Attracting Website:

Online Brochure – your website does not have interactive features, but rather only describes what you do, what you offer, and who you are… (it generates NO leads or clients, or extremely few)

Lead-Generating & Client Attraction Tool – your website contains elements that

a. Engage the website visitor instantly

b. Keeps the website visitor’s interest peaked and “forces” him/her to keep on reading

c. It Captures the website visitor’s Name & eMail Address

Today let’s explore the 3 Elements of a Powerful Headline & Sub-Headline:

1. Have a Powerful and highly visible Headline that grabs your visitors’ attention and “forces” them to read on.

Your headline has to serve as a “Pattern-Interrupt” – your visitor is searching for something till they bump into your website AND your Headline on your website “interrupts their pattern” – your headline should elicit a “slap on the forehead” reaction in your site visitor “Yes, finally I found what I was looking for…!”

2. Ensure that the Headline is 100% niche-friendly – that is, it identifies your ideal client’s pain and suggests a solution.

For example,

Are You Tired Of Being Tired?

Discover the 7 Simple Secrets to Waking up Energized Daily
And Feeling Vibrant & Ready for Action All Day Long…

Notice how the question – the top line – identifies Pain; and the rest of the headline (or the sub-headline) offers Hope and a Solution

Now, let’s face it, if you feel sluggish every day, or if you don’t feel as energized as you once felt, or as energized as you’d like to be, then you’ll surely sign up for it…

Here’s another example:

Discover How To Easily Get Out Of Any Conflict And Build More Harmonious Relationships With Your Spouse, in ONLY 7 Days!!!

Obviously, if someone has a conflict-filled relationship and they’d like to bring love and harmony back into their relationships, they’d sign up in a jiffy…

*** REMEMBER! The more you can tap into your potential client’s strongest desires… or tap into what keeps your client up at night, the more leads you’ll generate and the more paying clients you’ll be consistently attracting

3. Have a sub-headline that supports your main headline and further engages or intrigues the visitor and keeps him/her glued to your text and reading on.

For example, if the headline is Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health and Live a Vibrant & Healthy Life? the sub-headline could be Health & Fitness Coach Shares Energy Management Secrets Only High Performers And Top Athletes Know…

This would look something like this:

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health
Live a Vibrant & Healthy Life?

Health & Fitness Coach Shares Energy Management
Secrets Only High Performers And Top Athletes Know

4. It is important that your headline and sub-headline/s be highly visible (just like in the examples above). If you are trying to “force” your website visitor to look for pertinent information buried somewhere in the text on your home page, you’ll lose more than 90% of your website visitors even before they have a chance to discover what your website is about

3 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Create a Powerful Headline… 
and a Supporting Sub-Headline

Many new solo-professionals (coaches, consultants, etc.) often omit creating a powerful headline and sub-headline; but if you think about it for a sec, you’ll realize that your headline is the most vital element of your website.

1. If your site visitors don’t know instantly that they are in the right place, they’ll navigate away and you’ll keep on loosing potential clients who might be highly interested in your service… except they never got a chance to see what you have to offer (!).

2. Your headline serves as a quick Elevator Pitch – it gives you an instant chance to tell your website visitor What you do & how you can help…!

3. Once you have that great & powerful headline, it also helps you with creating the other elements of your website:

  • Your opt-in offer (irresistible offer) will be in line with your headline – more often then not, your opt-in offer is the same as your headline, except it’s re-worded
  • Your service/s will be in line with your headline
  • Your upcoming workshops, webinars, events will tie in nicely with your headline
  • Your products – eBooks, home-study course, membership site, published book, etc. will all be congruent with your headline

* Of course if you already have most of the elements of your website in place, then it should be easy to create that powerful headline that’s in line with all your offers…

Here’s a tip for you that you might find helpful: If you have an elevator pitch or a mission/vision statement for your business, your headline more often than not can be created out of one of those (if not, I’d be really curious to know why not ).

My Challenge to you: invest some time into creating a powerful Client-Attracting Headline and Sub-headline – I believe it is one of the most vital pieces of your business’ website-building puzzle that’ll help you generate more leads and more clients for your business.

This article written by the following with invitation to share with the below information included. My gratitude for his contribution…

E.G. Sebastian (CEC, CSL) is a Marketing & Client-Attraction Coach who helps his clients with Sales-Funnel Design, Client-Attraction, & Product-Creation. Find out more about E.G.’s Marketing & Client-Attraction tutorials at .

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Domination by a D**n Fool Ends…


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Domination by a D**n Fool Ends…

Being subject to results stimulated by other people is not a situation that I relish. That is one reason why I never took too well to working for an employer. This is because my pay was determined by the employer’s ability to operate a profitable business, as well as the performance of co-workers. My pay reflected the performance of the management and the group, not my individual performance. No matter how well I performed, if the entire group, to include management, did not perform well my pay suffered. Expectation of a raise in pay commensurate with my performance was out of the question most of the time, because If I received more pay the other employees would feel slighted and revolt.

I still vividly remember the first time I learned of being paid by-the-hour for work. The notion was perplexing to me to say the least. To this very day I cannot grasp any intelligence involved in the hourly pay system. This system lacks incentive for a person to produce, therefore an employer must use other forms of motivation, which historically has consisted of threats of termination.

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It is no wonder to me that pay rates for employees have not kept pace with inflation, nor is it a wonder that unemployment is rising and businesses are failing more all the time. Inflation itself has been fueled by this illogical pay system. When we add in the effects of labor unions demanding more pay for employees it is a wonder that any businesses have managed to stay afloat as long as they have.

The hourly pay rate system is not a sustainable model in that it does not stimulate production. When employers attempt to stimulate production with threats, their efforts may appear to create the intended results, but in the long run such threats are counter-productive, often resulting in employee theft, loss of work due to illness and much more.

Thankfully – as is the case with any non-sustainable practice – it runs its course to its demise. So many people are frantic at the unemployment rate and the rate of business failures, but this is all part of the inherent nature of the now ending cycle of a pay system that lacks sustainability. Those who are resilient and can adapt, will prosper. Those who fail to adapt will suffer until they adapt or cease to exist.

We hear the cries consistently – “I cannot find a job – no one is hiring!” Yet that is not an indication that there are no opportunities to attain income. It merely indicates that few are still hiring people based on the hourly pay system because it has outlived its day for the most part. Just as the horse and carriage gave way to the automobile, hourly wages are giving way to compensation based on production.

It is an indisputable fact that the more people there are on earth, the more demand there is for goods and services, so there could not possibly be a lack of opportunities to service those increasing needs, and to profit by doing so, because the world population is continually growing. All that is lacking, for those who are experiencing lack, is a bit of resilience and ingenuity.

I often ask myself, why do people keep searching for jobs when they can create their own employment? All that an employer ever was would be a middleman – someone who connects the goods and service providers with those willing to pay for goods and services. So merely cut that middleman out of the picture and thus lower overhead and increase profit in the process!

The big question I will now ask the reader is… Are you at all open-minded? Are you resilient enough to change your paradigms if it means that you can enjoy a prosperous life by doing so? Being open-minded and resilient  is necessary for those who intend to survive in todays world, let alone prosper. Do you have, or can you call up, what it takes? Can you at least consider options that don’t necessarily conform to a doomed life and business model?

As a business and life success coach, I love to help people succeed! Helping others break free from outdated paradigms seems to be the paramount subject to address with the most common challenges and I revel in the joy I share with my clients when we celebrate their success. Successful clients share one thing in common – they are merely open-minded enough to consider alternatives they have not explored in the past. That’s all it takes – just allow yourself to consider options – alternative behaviors – and together we can easily celebrate your success.

Ponder upon these notions if you will…

There is a huge difference between fate and destiny. Fate is what we allow to happen to us – by chance. Destiny is what we create – by the choices we make.

We are each responsible for our own life. By accepting this responsibility we can avoid being to blame for of it. Either we are part of the problem or part of the solution.

If we do not love ourselves (this has nothing to do with vanity or narcissism) no one will be able to love us and we won’t get far, or accomplish very much, because we won’t believe we’re worthy or capable.

Life is a one time journey. We only get one shot at it – one chance to do it right. We can actively shape our future or passively go along for the ride wherever circumstances may lead us. We can strive for magnificence, settle for mediocrity, or struggle to survive through conditions resulting from a haphazard approach.

If we prepare ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally to accept opportunities, then those opportunities will be presented to us and we will be ready, willing and able to accept them. Otherwise the opportunities will go to others who are prepared to accept them. Will we be those who proclaim that other people have all the luck or will we be among those “lucky” ones? “Luck” does not happen by chance – it is attracted to those who are prepared to accept it. More often than not, luck is only the label assigned when preparation meets opportunity.

We would be wise to treat life like it matters, because it does. No amount of complaining will ever create a life of prosperity, in fact it creates quite the opposite. Just as someone who goes to a party with a poor attitude is not likely to have any fun, nor are they likely to attract fun loving companions, those who complain about the unfavorable circumstances they created, or allowed into their life, will not attract favorable circumstances. Our emotions attract people and circumstances that are in alignment with our emotions. That is a “law” just as certain as is gravity.

One thing determines who will become successful more than anything else – that is the decision to become successful. The decision to consider alternatives opens the doors that allow us to make that decision.

Many people pay thousands of dollars for professional business coaching in order to become successful entrepreneurs. For those who can make a decision to succeed – and who will faithfully implement my coaching, applying it to the businesses I operate, these professional services at provided at no cost whatsoever. This is on the job training at its very best and all you have to do is make one small decision right now – supply me with your contact information – name, phone number and e-mail address so that I can contact you for an informal interview to determine if you have what it takes to be accepted into this world-class team. Don’t make the mistake of selling yourself short and failing to respond. I teach resiliency and I practice what I teach. I need people who have potential and who are teachable – if you have potential, we will work together to develop that into something great.

In my view, the greatest talents are resilience and adaptability.

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Content provided by Albert Grimsley – inspired by many. Any similarity to content provided by others is purely coincidental.

Overcoming Limiting Habitual Paradigms


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Hi – my name is Albert and I am on a mission of truth!

If I look or sound A little bit old that is because I am a little bit older than many. I am 66 years old by the calendar and those 66 years I have learned quite a bit about the humans species. Humans are prey animals that seem to have a tendency to prey on each other – but maybe you have noticed that.

I still remember what must’ve been my first money transaction as a youngster. It was only $.10 but that was quite a bit back in the 50s for a young man who earned $.50 for mowing the lawn once a week. A neighbor said that he bought a small bottle of black model car paint then realized he already had one so he was willing to sell it to me for $.10 which was the retail price but this transaction would save me a trip to the store. I bought the small bottle of black paint in good faith. When I painted my model car with the paint it dried two very dull finish. It was flat black paint, which I failed to notice on the label. Evidently the person I bought it from also failed to notice it was flat black – so he decided to dump his mistake on me.

I really like to trust people, and over 50 years later now, I still make the mistake at times of placing too much trust in people. I decided I did it again last night with was what seemed like a very reasonable price to learn secrets of Internet marketing. The price was $19.95, which is reasonable for me as a consumer and that small investment could also earn the provider quite a bit of money considering how many orders he could get through the Internet.

But let me back up just a little bit – before my order of $19.95 I accepted the offer of a free video reported to be exposing some Internet marketing secrets. It turned out that my perception of the free video, supposedly exposing secrets, was a free promotional advertisement for the $19.95 program. I thought… likely I should have looked at the clues and unsubscribed from the e-mail list, but like I said I really want to trust people. Maybe you can guess by now – I paid $19.95 for what I perceived to be a much longer promotional advertisement. But before I was able to examine this “product” I fell for a another offer to get even more for $97.

Not every Internet marketer is out to take unfair advantage of people and I have purchased some very informative programs. That is the reason I trusted this person – who ended up being a spokes person for another person. Upon examining the content of the free video and the $19.95 program I felt that I had been duped…

In consideration of my mindset, I decided to review the free video as well as the $19.95 program that I purchased. Upon further and more open-minded review of the free video, it actually did reveal some success secrets regarding an Internet business, and even other businesses as well as life in general. The secrets were not what I expected, like a step-by-step procedure or business plan. It did however, address a huge secret, which is the fact that we must escape the limiting paradigms of our own – and those transmitted by those in our our environment. Also the free video supplied motivation to do so. (Hint – It gave me what I needed, not what I expected… This is a huge secret that I now reveal to you concerning what is often refereed to as The Laws of Attraction – This is so important that I will repeat it – – – It gave me what I needed, not what I expected… more on that in future videos and blogs.)
Okay, let me be the first to admit that I temporarily fell back into my limiting paradigms, and was tempted to discredit and denounce those who had supplied valuable information and energies of creativity because I didn’t receive what I expected. I am very grateful for my newfound abilities to examine cause and effect in my own mental processing. This is something that I learned – an art – from some of the previous programs I have invested in.

So where am I going with this? Like I said – I am on a mission of truth. As I discover truths as to how the human mind can deceive us and cause us to remain captive by our own habitual thoughts and behaviors, I share my discoveries. And yes, I do supply many of these insights without cost to my subscribers but there is a reason I do this. The truth is – I do this for the long range profits.

You see – once I help you get past your limiting paradigms and help you retrain your mind so that you may be more productive – you will be a valuable asset to any business – and I hope that you will show your appreciation to me by promoting the reputable businesses that I give you access to. In that way we will both profit and initiate the preverbal win-win scenario…

So – I have developed a new perspective of the free video and the $19.95 program and can now continue to study them with an open mind, then continue with the one that required a larger investment. Lets face the facts here – If I expect to earn substantial profits on the Internet a substantial investment would be warranted. Those who expect to get everything for nothing are quite often left to gain what they invest – little for little.

Now for my next point to consider. I have invested years and a great deal of money in marketing training as well as in training concerning the human mind. Granted, I love to help others expand their capabilities, but I feel that I do deserve some renumeration in return at times. This is why I ask for the contact information of those who benefit from my sharing of valuable information. Not to advertise “opportunities” to you, nor to flood you with advertisements – but to stay in contact. Of course I will share some opportunities that I feel worthy of consideration – that is what friends should do, isn’t it?

In order to entice you to supply your contact information with me I withhold some of the best information to share in e-mails. I assure you that I will not sell, rent or share your contact information with others. I further assure you that the e-mails I send to you will be for the most part totally free informative and motivational content. My primary goal is to empower you so that you may enjoy a prosperous lifestyle. My secondary goal must be to maintain my own lifestyle so that I may continue to nurture yours. This is a lesson that you can greatly benefit from – always remember to maintain your own existence so you will remain here on earth and be able to assist others.

I wish that I already had an opt-in page formulated but that is coming in the near future. I have the platform but need to have time to get it customized. For now I am sure you can get a message to me from one of my sites and ask to get on my e-mail list.

Please consider that I am a single male with many household duties to attend to as well as my business activities. I make things more complex by choosing to grow and cook most of my food with natural and organic ingredients. Great health is surely part of a prosperous lifestyle… In due time I will be able to employ helpers – but for now I do it all by myself.

PS. Now studying the $97 program – it seems to be well worth my investment… Again grateful that I have learned to overcome my limiting paradigms – and I am determined to help others do likewise.


Accentuate The Positives to Alleviate The Negatives


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Accentuate The Positives to Alleviate The Negatives

Alleviate – to make easier to endure; lessen; mitigate:

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I was searching for answers as to how one can best navigate successfully as an entrepreneur in this world. No doubt, entrepreneurs who are striving to succeed will suffer many hardships and disappointments in their journey. It is a well-documented fact, and quite logical, that the more one tries the more trials and disappointments they will encounter.

Successful entrepreneurs are a special breed, who must maintain resilience, focus, and persistence under all circumstances, in order to attain their goals. They must overcome odds that are stacked drastically against them with the vast majority of businesses failing. They also must endure the opinions of others, which are usually also stacked heavily against their favor.

It would indeed be a grand gift for an entrepreneur to dwell in an environment in which the majority of their peers maintain a positive position supporting their success. In my experience an environment such as this is as scarce as hens teeth. But I view this situation as an entrepreneur struggling to break free from the commonplace environment. My view may be much different once I achieve success. For now, however, I utilize my viewpoint to assist others who are ti8ll striving to break free from the clutches that limit their success.

It is not at all easy to be in an environment dominated by underachievers and to break break free on a journey toward success. Not only do we have our own limiting paradigms to overcome, but we must overcome the limiting paradigms of all of those in our environment. In order to break free from the limiting paradigms of the others in our environment, we very often must dismiss our current relationships, which can leave us feeling very much alone. This lonely feeling very often lures people back into their original environment with the non-achievers.

The attitude that one must assume in order to break free from the common limiting environment is an attitude that could be viewed as indifference. I prefer to view it as a very deep empathy for the benefit of myself, my future, and my enjoyment of success. Self empathy, or self love, is commonly judged negatively by society. That would be the majority of society, yet the majority of society is composed of underachievers. Therefore, the successful entrepreneur would best serve their intent if they were to discount the opinions of the majority in order to be successful.

After all, the goal of the entrepreneur is to create their life differently than the underachievers by being successful. So then, a prudent entrepreneur would justly discount and dismiss the opinions, advice, and pressures of the underachievers. And yes, this very often requires the entrepreneur, that will achieve success, to dismiss and release many, even the majority, of their associations.

Therefore it is no wonder at all that the majority of would-be successful entrepreneurs fail to realize their goals. Acceptance by society is a very strong and alluring human desire. This desire is so strong that it could easily be viewed as an addiction. Actually, according to scientists who study the brain, the emotion of love and acceptance triggers a portion of the brain, which releases dopamine. The effects of this dopamine have been compared to the effects of some chemical drugs, which are very addictive.

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I am amused by the vision, one very similar to a drug rehabilitation group, where a person stands and states their name, confessing that they are, or have been, addicted to the love of, and the associations with, the under achievers. When viewed from the perspective that is necessary to achieve success, the acceptance of this scenario as being true, could be very beneficial.

We should not, however, deny our system of this natural dopamine being administered. To do so could easily cause severe depression. What we must do is to break our addiction to others being the stimulant causing the release of this dopamine by our brain. Being dependent upon others for our dopamine ”fix” is a form of codependence that can be extremely devastating!

Successful entrepreneurs have learned the secret’s – secrets that they never reveal, perhaps never even realize, of how to stimulate their brain to administer dopamine to benefit their emotions. This is the underlying physical effect behind the process of setting goals and breaking the ultimate goal down into small steps. Therefore, when each step toward the ultimate goal is achieved, there can be a celebration, which causes the brain to administer dopamine. This dopamine release stimulates our emotions to a higher vibrational state, providing us with the drive to achieve the next step toward our goal, and the next dopamine “fix” being administered.

I shall make no attempt to gain, and I have no desire for, the acceptance of these notions by the majority of society. You see, I have broken my addiction of relying on others to be the source of stimulation of the dopamine producing faculties of my brain. I have learned the processes that allow me to be my own source of such stimulation. This has eliminated a major deterrent to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You might say I have recovered from codependency with the underachievers.

Achieving success in the steps toward our goals is not the only means by which we can stimulate our brain to release dopamine. By training our thoughts and the resulting emotions properly, we can easily cause our brain to administer this dopamine at our will. This might be easier to accept as purposely activating joy and happiness. I must admit it may be easier on our mind to admit we are addicted to joy and happiness, than to admit we are addicted to dopamine. Joy and happiness are the result, and in this case the chemistry involved in effecting the result does not really matter.

As I had come to the completion of this article I stepped outside for my administration of “happiness” – and overheard a lady on the telephone explaining to the listener how she felt belittled by her attire today while in the company of others who apparently were better dressed – or at least that was her perception. Her perception caused her to suffer in the area of acceptance – and she was on the telephone to get some sympathy, or support, from an outside source – her dopamine fix… I radiated gratitude that I am no longer a codependent and that gave me a dose of additional happiness through the emotion of gratitude. And so it is!


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Provided by Albert A. Grimsley – Sharing of this article is encouraged so long as it is shared in its entirety with links and authorship included. This content is an excerpt from my upcoming book – all rights are reserved by the author.

Has The World Gone Mad?


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“Has the world gone mad????  NO!!!! We are just experiencing the “quickening,” the final stage required to set the evolution into action.  Until they are up against the proverbial wall, most people will sit quietly and not take action.  Global upheavals are fundamental in introducing a change in civilization.

Many people consider that change will only be accomplished by fighting the “man,” or in this case, the corporations. Unfortunately, fighting against something actually contributes energy to the problem.  The way out is to create something new and then step out of the old paradigm. When that something “new” reveals itself to be a better way, people will naturally leave the old system and gravitate to what works.” – Bruce Lipton

Let me repeat this – the way out is to create something new and then step out of the old paradigm. When that something “new” reveals itself to be a better way, people will naturally leave the old system and gravitate to what works.

Create something new is exactly what BRICS did – Britain, Russia India, China and South Africa formed a new banking network to bypass the dominating U.S. financial organizations. Not to brag but I did similar two weeks prior – by shifting some of my U.S. money into gold bullion.

I pay attention and saw that many countries were starting to collect gold, so I did likewise. Gold has been the prevailing accepted currency for centuries and has held its value amazingly well throughout history. When our dear former President Nixon removed the gold backing from the U.S. Dollar is when inflation started to go on a rampage. Without the stability of gold to back it, the dollar began a downward spiral in value.

Many will remain complacent until necessity takes over for them but I have made my move beforehand. Perhaps all of the recent end of the world scares have caused people to ignore warnings – but people tend to be a bit numb in the brain anyway so no telling why they don’t do something about the atrocities that governments are subjecting the people to. Heck – people just keep on voting for different politicians, never realizing that their votes don’t matter anyway – and if they did – no matter what – another politician is elected – and the banking system along with the big corporations dictate the government in the long run anyway…

Since Nixon “temporarily” removed the gold backing from the dollar, gas prices have skyrocketed – from under a dollar a gallon to now around $4.00 a gallon – heck – taxes on gas are now more than the price of gas was – and the government blames the high cost of crude oil for the higher prices? What about their inflated taxes?

However – the big problem with the economy in America escalated way back when the Feds – a group of bankers – gained control of the U.S. currency. It is ludicrous that a group of bankers – which votes have no control over at all – actually run this country – and have had a huge impact on the entire world – until a few countries got tired of it and formed their own banking group on 15 July 2014.

People, in general, as some politicians have proclaimed, evidently are too ignorant to know what is best for their country. This is evident by how they have allowed themselves to become servants to those they pay to serve them. But their governments arrogant control over the people, hopefully, is coming to an end. As Bruce Lipton stated in the quote above – we are rapidly approaching the final stage required to set the evolution into action.
Those who are consumed by the grand illusion might consider it unpatriotic to abandon the money system of the United States, but the money system seems to have nothing to do with United States, other than its position as a group of parasites feeding on the citizens – which I consider to be the most unpatriotic act possible!

I am one of many who proclaim, enough of this funny money scheme is too **** much! I consider it to be preposterous to have a group of bankers in control of the countries money supply, loaning worthless paper notes to the government and charging the people interest on these loans. This has been going on since congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, which President Woodrow Wilson signed into law in December 1913 – as well as before with several failed attempts by other banking systems.

Just why did a government controlled money supply ever fail in the first place, causing the U.S government to call in the help of rich bankers? I suspect some covert government operations at work, which caused a shortage of real money when there was a run on the banks with people wanting their money – and it couldn’t be produced… But that is history that cannot be unraveled due to too many hidden facts. Instead of dwelling on the problem, let us explore possible solutions.

If physical gold was to again become our primary currency – many of the money problems would disappear. Having gold as the primary currency when the value of the gold was $35 an ounce would be quite cumbersome. However, with the current value of gold, A very small amount carries A lot of purchasing power.

There are some inherent difficulties concerning the use of gold as currency. Gold must be assayed to determine purity and precisely weighed. There is a new system that addresses these challenges very proficiently. It is now possible to purchase small amounts of gold sealed in a card, complete with the assayers certification to be 999.9 pure gold. Additionally the card is protected from tempering with a holographic seal. These cards are available in amounts of gold as small as 1 g.

This true value currency is quickly becoming very popular, with a growing number of businesses becoming prepared to accept these gold bearing cards as currency. To me, this type of currency is even better than paper money backed by gold and/or silver that is supposedly secured somewhere in a vault.

There are many details, which I will not attempt to explain here. Most of us readily realize how facts can become distorted when passed from one person to another. So I make the links available for you to get the information directly from the source.

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Empowerment – BRICS – U.S. Dollar – Ponzi


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Amazing new currency system has the Feds baffled…

There has never been anything like this before…

An entirely new way to bank is exploding around the world.

Like a Swiss bank account for the common people this is amazing! No need to have a fortune to deposit…

Best of all its being run entirely by ordinary people – Yes “We The People” have finally developed a way to a escape from the clutches of the central banking system… (The former world dominant currency?)

As you can imagine, the present central banking system and the politicians are freaking out at the benefits this is offering people like you and me.


I know that many are “following” my posts here in order to attempt to get me to join Empower Network – because that is what they train you to do… Talk about tripping over a dollar to try to get a dime!

In my informed opinion – Empower Network is buying a blogging platform to sell the same blogging platform to others – and paying for instructions to do that – nothing more! Do you really understand the workings of a Ponzi Scheme? This so reminds me of the Feds and their merry-go-round – nothing really tangible and it is destined to fizzle out!

Why not use those energies to promote products and services that actually serve the people who get involved? Products and services that really “Empower” people! Products and services that remove mental barriers and allow people to thrive… And then a banking system that they can invest their money into so that inflation doesn’t eat away at it like a parasite!

I, with the assistance of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world, really empower people. First of all we provide the means to remove the mental blockades that prevent the majority from attaining true abundance. These blockages are the cause of most all mental anguishes and – – – the root of most all dis-ease! Financial abundance is nothing if you don’t enjoy mental and physical health!

But to dive right into it all would baffle you for sure. That is why we have a system in place – and experts in each field to help you along – step by step. I am my colleges have spent years – and astonishing monetary investments to unlock all of the secrets that allow anyone to attain a truly prosperous reality. Prosperity is not just money – or many friends – or great health – prosperity is a multifaceted state of being… Being totally alive and aware! 

I have been in the marketing “game” for years – and frankly, I am quite ashamed about some of the product and services I have manipulated people into purchasing. This is why I am on a crusade – to help people make a shift – to promoting goods and services that actually enhance the lifestyles of the participants… “Enhance” is actually an understatement – as you will realize as you progress through this process – much being totally free…

Why will I empower people without cost? Because when I empower people they desire great products and services to promote – products and services they can be proud to represent. I have those sources, and produce the embowered to promote them… (Always with pure integrity and the highest of morals)

I shudder to think of all of the overpriced Kirby and Rainbow vacuums I have nearly shoved down peoples throats… The overpriced solar systems, waterless cookware – the potions and lotions – recreational real estate, etc. etc… How embarrassing!

Finally I have discovered products and services that are actually great bargains – drastically underpriced considering the benefits people enjoy by participating. Now I can turn the table and make up for the disservice I have done – by promoting truly great services and do it in a huge way!


Back now – to the subject at hand in this message – Could the biggest Ponzi scheme ever have run its course and be disintegrating  rapidly?

On 15 July 2014 a banking group called BRICS was formed – to bypass the U.S. dollar as the predominant world currency… Not going to take my time to explain BRICS here – you can find that all over the Web. The latest word – not a surprise to me – is that Germany is now about to join them and I am sure there will be more in due time.

There is no need to panic over these developments – but strategic preparation is certainly recommended if your future is invested in the now drastically threatened – already dwindling – value of the U.S. dollar.

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in conclusion – If you knew those who are in the background of all of the greatest achievers of the world you would be amazed. Some people would rather maintain their privacy and remain inconspicuous… Therefore they act as advisors to those who choose the spotlight… 😉 No worries – they get compensated well for their work in the shadows..

P.S. Many of my readers are already on board with the best investment to protect their financial holdings… What they don’t know is that I have many empowering resources beyond this to share. All in due time, my friends… Many insights good as gold!