Internet Network Marketing is not for everyone

For any business to be successful it must establish and maintain an effective marketing program. At one time businesses could succeed, fairly well, merely by renting and stocking a space to house

Houdini Works from Home!

Houdini Works from Home! (Photo credit: BlogMama)

their business, installing a telephone and placing a nice ad in the yellow pages of the local phonebook… But those days are long gone now.

Now, with the Internet, the old yellow pages have gone the path that horses went when the automobile and steam engine trains were introduced. Those who refuse to adapt to the new technologies will be left in the dust of those who do.

It is great that we can now purchase products on the Internet from all over the world and have them delivered to our door. But there is something far more beneficial to people that has developed with this technology. That is the tremendous opportunity for the people to claim a share of the huge marketing budgets that are a necessary investment for any business to prosper – if they will only recognize this and claim it by taking proper action.

I vividly recall a childhood dream to have a robot or clone to do the tasks that weren’t my favorite activities. That dream continued into my adulthood. As so often happens – my wish manifested in a way that far exceeds my wildest dreams. It took me a while to recognize this because it

English: Samarra, Iraq (Nov. 3, 2004) - A U.S....

English: Samarra, Iraq (Nov. 3, 2004) – A U.S. Army explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot, “i-Robot”, pulls the wire of an alleged improvised explosive device (IED), found by the Iraqi Police. Controlled by a team of Soldiers assigned to 731st Ordnance Company, of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, “i-Robot” safely surveys the device at a safe distance with its two on-board cameras and mechanical arm. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Jeremy L. Wood (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

was not in the form I expected…. Now I see and I accept with gratitude! The Internet and the many computer programs to work with it are much better than a clone or robot – more like a whole army of assistants which never grows weary, never need time off, and always do exactly as instructed.

It astounds me that people are still looking for a “job” and claiming that there are no opportunities out there, so they resort to playing the role of a victim instead of adapting to an ever-changing world. (They are actually victims of their own habits) Those who have effectively adapted would never again consider taking a “job” in which one exchanges their time and energies for a meager wage or salary. Those who have effectively adapted find that they can go on vacations – even permanent vacations, and earn much more income while they enjoy life on their terms.

What do these people do to earn more income in a month (or a week) than most jobs pay in a year? They get paid generously for “word of mouth advertising”. They find great products or services – tell others – then they are paid a healthy and recurring income just for sharing great sources… The Internet is their vehicle, which allows them worldwide access to potential participants.

These very successful people have created multiple streams of income, residual income and income from the efforts of others – with much of that being automated by today’s technology. Therefore the income rolls in 24 hours a day 7 days a week – regardless of what they are doing at any given moment. The successful person today can be relaxing on a Mediterranean beach sipping on a cold drink – while thousands of customers are viewing a video, or a Website, outlining their opportunity – and buying the product or service, for which that “beach bum” gets substantial commissions.

So what keeps most people from raking in these tremendous profits? It could be self-defeating habitual behaviors… some variance of outdated mindsets.

One of those outdated mindsets is a resistance to a fairly new, and very efficient (also sustainable) marketing model, which rewards the participants generously. This marketing model is Internet

English: A map of the world by the countries w...

English: A map of the world by the countries with the most internet hosts. (I also widened the borders so it looks better as a thumbnail) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Network Marketing. If you ever wished you could send a robot, or a clone, to your workplace while you do what you enjoy doing – your dream is awaiting you and it is much more than you could have ever imagined! What if you could send 10 – or 20 robots or clones to work for you and get paid for all of their efforts?

I understand that Internet Network Marketing isn’t suited for everyone and I am overjoyed with that reality because that creates more demand for the services of those (like myself) who enjoy those activities. And some people are very satisfied performing their jobs, which is wonderful if you are so contented… My wish is for everyone to be happy in their life activities – whatever those may be, so long as those activities aren’t at the expense of others rights and comforts.

If you aspire to engage in, and enjoy, the pursuit of becoming a very successful Internet Network Marketing facilitator – I would be honored and pleased to help you achieve success and to realize prosperity from your rewarding activities.

I also help all types of businesses as a certified Master Business Success Coach. What types of businesses? It really doesn’t matter – my models apply to all businesses and I have empowered businesses in which I knew nothing about their product or services beforehand.

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