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Finished one post just a few minutes ago and had my breakfast for protein needed to deal with ADHD, now on with publications to help people understand each others differences so that they can be accepted and utilized, instead of resisted and condemned.

Everyone seeks the pleasure the brain provides by administration doses of dopamine. Some get stimulation by adventure and this could include taking risks. Some get stimulation by confrontations, debates, arguments and even physical combat. Others get stimulation with relaxation, calm surroundings, a very orderly dwelling and automobile, Etc.

Place an adventure loving type in a boring structured atmosphere and watch out! That is like feeding a race horse a bunch of oats and locking him in a stall… That is precisely the way I feel now, at age 66 with my health improving and being a watchman for an isolated and inactive retreat.

In studying ADHD and PTSD as well as the anxiety that often accompanies those conditions I am really considering chemical drugs from the VA hospital to subdue my energy but won’t go that route! Intense physical exercise is the only viable option I can think of. This helps to share my frustrations but sitting at a computer, or any office type work, has always made me anxious.

Anybody in the Seattle/Tacoma area want to contract with me for home remodeling or any type of heavy construction equipment operation? No “wages” – I want a fixed price to earn or a cut of the profits because I like to get paid for my production, not sell my time. I had my fill of the other employees with a company dragging down the profits and my wages at the same time. Better option – I am a great coach for any sales organization – well, not any – they must provide excellent customer benefits. Any reputable business need a very effective production supervisor – business success coach?

Sadly businesses usually hire employees who are easily trained as puppets and who are experts at writing resumes – or hire experts to write them. The best producers are usually not hired, or soon dismissed, because they won’t fit into the box the employer has envisioned.

It seems that the only viable option is for me to save up some moving money and go to Seattle and start my own business. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be looking to hire people who want to work for a cut of the profits and who are not at all orthodox in their behaviors.

I love to earn money while having fun! I am going to hook up with a couple people who are good at scheduling and keeping the books – secretary types – and 4 or 5 ADHD spirited type creative thinkers and I can help us all in many ways. Imagine having so much fun at parks and on beaches – attracting an audience and supplying them with products to help them have fun and/or improve their health…. Notice I didn’t mention selling at all – if done right people can earn a fortune being a supplier – just filling orders coming in from people anxious to purchase! Taking their orders and supplying the products is where the secretary types come in.

We could also use some camera people to shoot videos that the secretary types will post on the Internet for additional income sources. 3 or 4 video cameras running to film any action is always a great attraction activity. “Want to be in our promotion video?” “Go sign the release form with our secretary, then come see me.” I can have participants lining up to be in the production at no cost whatsoever! In fact, the majority of them will become customers… (Of course we will give them a discount for their participation.)

I will do what I can to attract participants on the Internet before I get to Seattle in a few months from now, but whatever, I will get participants when I get there if this fails to attract them. What my former neighbor said about me is very true – (I am just too stupid to realize that I can’t do what I do.)  For example – after moving to the country from the city a few years ago, and barely getting over my fear of horses 6 months or so before – I managed to have my own guided trail riding business and became the secretary treasurer for a newly formed branch of a national horseman organization – breaking a sign-up record for the most members to join the club on the first meeting in their history. I was also teaching natural horsemanship and training wild horses for a substantial fee. I lost all of that in a divorce – seems that my insecure wife didn’t like the attention I was getting. If you can imagine – all of my riding students were female… Live and learn…

You may want to connect with me on my FB community page – at the FB link with /trustgold on the end. Loads of complementary sources for marketing ideas, PTSD links and other enlightening info there. I don’t put some of those links on here because this site doesn’t like that.  Just posted one there for complementary e*book that if you are at all interested in working from home you will love.