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Alternatives to “Fiat” “money” – that is not money – it is IOU’s from Big Brother!

At one time – many times throughout history, in fact –

English: Crystaline Gold

English: Crystaline Gold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gold was money – but it was inconvenient to carry around so someone came up with the idea of putting it in a safe place and issued certificates to represent the gold they had to back those certificates. Even U.S. money – real money – was backed by gold, then later was backed by silver that was held in vaults in Fort Knox – if I am correct – it was someplace at least – the precious metal to back the certificates…

Then our government – actually the bankers, which are not even part of the government – started issuing “notes” – IOU’s, which are backed by nothing more than the material they are printed on.

Now the FED – the banking system – can print as many of these IOU’s as they want – and that is why inflation is eating up the “value” of the dollar… Now trillions of dollars in debt and that keeps rising – and we put our faith in their fiat notes?

If you’re gonna’ be that “easy” – maybe you will give me a house, land and other material goods that have a value of one million dollars and I’ll give you a note that reads. “One Million Dollars” and sign it “Sorry Charlie!” Heck – I’ll even go to the expense to put a picture on it – something pretty, not just a deceased president…

Okay – so you can take that “money” to the store and buy groceries – or a camera or a car, etc. But try to buy 2 pounds of lean ground beef for 98 cents – the price that was charged when I was a child – not happening, is it? Get a clue! The value of those “notes” is dwindling and how long will it be before the value drops right off to nothing?

“But wages are higher now!” You may reply. The sad story is – wages have risen far less than prices have. In the 50’s and even into the 60’s, a family could be supported well with one household income – now it is difficult with two incomes.

Croatia-00616 - Birth House of Tito

Croatia-00616 – Birth House of Tito (Photo credit: archer10 (Dennis))

Even Real Estate as a hedge against inflation is getting very risky – at times the value of real estate is going down sharply – not like it did with a constant rise for many years in the past. Many wise investors today are cashing out of their real estate holdings – often at a loss – and investing in more stable commodities…

You can continue to put your faith in a system that is proving to be a huge loser until “the end” – or you might do something wise and invest in a precious metal that has a very good history of substantially increasing in value… The wisest investors are doing just that – investing in gold!

I could go on and site publications and such – but I won’t… You can find that information on the Internet, like I have, which led me to search for the best way to invest in gold. But buying one Chinese gold coin proved to require a substantial investment – and I didn’t want to trust those sources anyway. I know they tacked on a huge profit and I don’t want to go that route.

Then I discovered a way to purchase small amounts of gold that wouldn’t strain my budget. At first I thought they would keep my “money” and the gold and give me a paper saying they were keeping it safe for me – but I have the option to take physical delivery – OR they will keep it in a vault for me – that pleased me! But there is more – a lot more… I feel that this is certain to be the money – the real money – of the future… Not some electronic illusion of money, like the Bit Coin, or whatever they call that production, either… You need to see this before your dollar looses even more value – which it does with every tick of the clock – as the value of gold goes up!

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English: Hypnotist and blindfolded woman with ...

English: Hypnotist and blindfolded woman with angels on stage. Forms part of the McManus-Young Collection. Small piece missing from upper right corner. Transferred from LC Rare Book and Special Collections Division on 1956. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s to your very prosperous future,