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Who can benefit from hypnosis, NLP and success coaching? About 95% of all people – the same 95%, which fail to achieve success in life!

English: Richard Bandler in a NLP seminar in L...

English: Richard Bandler in a NLP seminar in London sept. 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hear it time and time again – Only 5% – or less – of humans fail to succeed in attaining “wealth” – which includes wealth in relationships, health, connection with Source, community, etc. Many call this “abundance”, or “wealth” but what they actually desire, and would benefit greatly from. is prosperity in all areas of “life” which are Mind – Body – and Soul – in BALANCE!

Hopefully, my unstructured presentations will appeal to those who have not been able to grasp the concepts presented by the abundance of success coaches, spiritual promoters and Law of Attraction promoters on the Internet. I am not going to follow the majority at all and will present these concepts and keys in a way that, hopefully, can be understood by the masses. Just as I teach – I present with my own style in an authentic manner – not conforming to how the majority of coaches “perform” – and it is usually exactly that – a “performance”…

Who am I to claim to be able to help others achieve prosperity? I am one who was at the top of my “game” back in 1999/2000 and I lost it all because of an imbalance – a lack of spiritual connection and doing it mostly for “the money” and the possessions – taking credit for the successes personally, not being grateful to Source…

As I posted on my facebook page (Can Your Boss); “Yep – 15 years ago I had a computer repair and training business as well as publishing my own horse related newsletter distributed to a 4 state area. Also was Secretary/Treasurer for a branch of Back Country Horseman of America and had my own horse business conducting guided trail rides, natural horse training, and promoted a professional horse trainer by arranging and facilitating horse training …clinics for him. I lost it all in a nasty divorce and also lost my incentive for many years – but I’m back! Not into horses any more, though – into hypnosis, business success coaching, natural organic foods and the like. Sure I might do dome horse training again – great therapeutic benefits in that and it could serve well to help people connect with Source. Maybe that is why I held onto my saddle and other accessories!”

Most of the highly successful entrepreneurs who teach others have learned (became enlightened if you will) due to finding themselves at the bottom of the heap and in dire straights. Some have even had “near physical death experiences”, which “opened their eyes”… I suppose I had a “near death experience” in that I gave up on pursuing my dreams for about 15 years before I finally “woke up”! As I stated – “I’m back” and I am back to help others find their way out of the maze of misconceptions to attain a reality of prosperity.

Prosperity is our “God” given gift and right! We need only to find the keys to break free from our illusions (delusions and contusions as one notable instructor puts it). I believe that would be Guy Finley, who, yes, was at the “bottom of the barrel” before he “woke up”. We CAN find our way out of the bog of illusions, but many need to have a great deal of guidance and support to do so. I was certainly one who needed a lot of guidance, evidence and support as well as time to overcome the subconscious blocks, which were deeply embossed in my mind.

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – So many of us suffer this but it goes mostly undetected and is thought to merely be common sense – that we are doomed to a life of failure. I am here to tell you all that this is a very false notion! We can all overcome past traumas and defeats and rise again into a prosperous life – just as I am doing after 15 years of playing “poor victim”… There are no “victims” – only volunteers! I had submitted to defeat – I volunteered to play that role! But I am releasing that now and will help others to do likewise.

I won’t dwell on the defeats I have encountered in the past 15 years because energy flows where the mind goes – so I focus on the successes that are now manifesting, instead of the past, which is left in the past as learning experiences, which I am thankful for. Of course I am also grateful for, and I indulge in, the present, while looking forward to the future successes. All the while I graciously accept the fact that there will be more challenges, which are more learning experiences that we all must get through on our path to a prosperous life. Without challenges, success would have little to no value and everyone would be successful – therefore no one would be successful… If you are to succeed you need to let this sink in and embrace these truths!

Buddah - Dambulla temple

Buddah – Dambulla temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now lets touch on the highly controversial subject of “God – of The Either – Source, or whatever you tend to label The Supreme Creator Spirit/Energy. Science commonly calls It The Field, which is something that lends a fair amount of confusion to most scientists because It cannot be quantified or explained fully – yet science cannot deny It!

Evidence based beliefs is all that I choose to believe in. All too many organized “religions” rely on blind faith without evidence and to me this is preposterous. I do not condemn established religions totally – I merely choose to follow beliefs which have evidence as to their Power. While established religions seem to wield Power – I maintain that it is the act of unwavering faith, itself, which has the Power. We see the evidence of this in The Placebo Effect, which baffles most in the medical profession as well as others. Science has proven many times that The Placebo Effect is very often far more effective in treatment of ailments (dis-ease) than are drugs. This phenomena is facilitated through “faith” and belief without playing favorite to any religious belief. Spontaneous remission of “deadly diseases” is common and many accounts are documented in medical journals – to include one account that I participated in where stage 3 breast cancer was reduced to non-malignant scar tissue in a matter of a few days. (Jasper, Tennessee 2011) This was an event that shocked me and caused me to delve more deeply into the Power of the mind!

Why we want something to occur in our life seems to be a key in the manifestation and continuance of our intent. It is evident that altruistic intent carries the most Power in the manifesting process. Greed or fear based desires usually do not materialize and if they do they are often short lived – or come at a cost to other areas of our life. Many manage to create financial wealth, while their social life, their family life and/or their health (physical and/or mental) often suffers. This is why I suggest we approach our intents with a desire to serve all involved and we seek balance in mind, body and spirit. Thus I focus on balance in the three aspects of “life” and I give of my energies freely to promote the activation of the immense human potential for all who desire to achieve more than they ever before believed they could.

I invite you to “follow” these posts as well as my FaceBook page – “Can Your Boss” and/or “Unleash Inherent Potential” – and to prosper! That is, of course, unless you would rather merely survive, or less… You have the freedom of choice and choose is all you need do! We have a lot of helpers and resources available who are anxious to help without cost – we are not alone!

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