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What do I do when my intent is to manifest businesses, which are in line with The Universe? I prepare to receive!

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I mean, really – if we were to plan a party and send out invitations, would we wait for the guests to show up before going to the store to buy what we need for that party? Would we wait for the doorbell to ring before beginning to prepare the food or whatever for the party? If we did that, chances are that this party and all future parties would be a big flop!

So it is with manifesting intentions that are in line with The Universe. We must have “faith” and believe without the slightest doubt that we will receive that which our intentions direct – and even more… (Often ahead of our planned schedule as I have encountered several times.)

At times it is as if The Universe says, “That is a great notion – why wait – lets get it going now!” I chuckle to myself as I reminisce past events concerning intentions that manifested much quicker than I intended, or expected, to my surprise.

But perhaps you have had intentions to manifest something and believed with all your heart and soul that it would materialize – and nothing of the sort happened. And what if you have evidence that many others have also suffered disappointment in manifesting through the practices of manifesting through The Law of Attraction?

Well, my dear fellow, (no gender preference indicated) the very fact that you have evidence as to the lack of Power that The Laws of Attraction wields, renders you unacceptable to receive such manifestations. While you ask – at the same time you are repelling the very thing you are asking to receive!

There are many factors involved with The Law of Attraction. We can consider The Universal Energies, “God”, “Source” or whatever we choose to identify the Creative Energies with, as loving and caring parents who wish only the best for us, the children of The Universal Energies.

So we must consider – are our intentions in line with service to The Universe and humanity, or are they fear and greed based? Have we accepted prior gifts with gratitude and thus respected and nurtured those gifts? Or have we been wasteful and thereby disrespectful of those gifts? If a child has many toys and leaves them out to weather and to be taken by others, would a responsible parent just give them more? If a child desired the most advanced and fancy toy merely to brag to others that he (or she) has something better that they, would a responsible parent grant that gift to the child? If you believe the responsible parent would keep granting more gifts to the child that does not show proper respect, then you may have just identified a huge barrier that is restricting you in the manifesting process of The Law of Attraction…


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Intentions are a key factor with The Law of Attraction. Your “Why” must be in line with The Universe – which is Love in its purest nature. That’s right – The Universal Energies – The Source of All That Is – does not merely radiate Love – It IS Love! You may be familiar with the phrase, “Love makes the World go ‘round.” Many such phrases – sayings – are metaphors given to us by The Divine for our guidance. Sure it may have first been uttered by a poet, or a singer or such – but where do you suppose these great creators received their inspirations from?

How was it that Leonardo Da Vinci invented a helicopter, a glider, a crossbow and more, long before they were ever developed or dreamed of by others?

“If a man have a tent made of linen of which the apertures (openings) have all been stopped up, and it be twelve braccia (about 23 feet) across and twelve in depth, he will be able to throw himself down from any great height without suffering any injury.”

He clearly had confidence in his own design and had done some mathematical calculations, possibly based on some of his wind resistance and friction studies. But the question remains – Would the parachute work?

рисунок Леонардо да Винчи - Парашют

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)The answer to that is….Yes.

500 years after it was designed in June 2000, Leonardo da Vinci’s parachute was tested by a team of enthusiasts and parachutists. The only modification made was to strengthen the harnesses holding the parachutist in place, this was a modern harness. The guinea pig (Adrian Nicholas)would also carry his own modern parachute, just in case. Thankfully it was not needed as Leonardo’s parachute worked just as the designer had imagined and stated –

(The above from – http://www.leonardodavincisinventions.com/inventions-for-flight/leonardo-da-vincis-parachute/ (Used for educational purposes only with proper credit to the source)

Perhaps you can write this off as mere coincidence or luck, instead of crediting The Energies of The Universe of “Diving Intervention”… Again – you may have discovered a huge barrier that is restricting you in the manifesting process of The Law of Attraction…

Doubt in The Power of The Energies of The Universe will surely render one incapable of harnessing such Power!





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